06 一月 2017

Hovid would like to express our sincere apologies to the patients who have purchased Ternolol 50mg Tablets with batch no. BG 04645 from any clinics, pharmacies or hospitals.

The batch for recall contains boxes labelled as “Ternolol 50”, however, (some of) the blisters stated the product as “Ternolol Tab 100mg”. The actual product packed within the boxes is Ternolol 50mg which corresponds to the box label. The tablets contain active atenolol ingredients which are prescribed for hypertension treatment.

We are recalling the concerned product from the market. Patients may contact our pharmacist at Hovid Hotline 05-5060690 (Mon-Fri, 8.00am- 6.00pm) for any clarification or questions they may have.

Our office will be closed on Saturday & Sunday. However, you may still be able to contact the following personnel on Saturday & Sunday.

Chin Lai Ting 012-5070396
Choong Foo Wah 019-2771315
Cheah Wai Kit 012-6566030
Nor Hisham Yusop 012-7384114
Thomas Wong 016-5202118

We will assist those who are affected in handling their returns.

We DO NOT view such errors lightly and is presently investigating the matter. We will implement the required preventive measures to ensure there are no re-occurrence and working closely with the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Department (“NPRA”).

Thank you


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